Katie's Story

Katie’s Story

I had the most amazing experience with the very talented Steve Nuth photographer and Beautiful You Photo Makeover Experiences. It was more than I could ever have imagined. Right from the start (when I first made contact) Steve was the ultimate professional but still able to be friendly and welcoming. He listens to you, the customer, and makes sure that he puts his creative ideas across without taking away from your original requests.

The actual day was amazing, relaxed and friendly. Steve makes you feel important and confident in a very subtle and professional way. His sense of humour soon relaxes you and everything starts to feel really natural. It was my dream to have a photo shoot done in the style that I did, but not in my wildest dreams did I think it would come out as good as it did… Steve did that! He literally made my dream come true. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone… in fact, I think EVERY girl should have the opportunity to experience this day, it is amazing for boosting self-confidence and self esteem and Steve does that in a way that is respectful and professional.

One of the best days of my life so far! Thank you!x