If your little ones and youngsters adore the magic of Fairies and Pixies and you'd like to make their wishes come true and turn them into a Fairy Princess or Pixie Prince for the day and then capture that moment forever then this one's for you.

You'll arrive on the day of the shoot with your little Fairiy or Pixie ready to dress up and enjoy playing in the woodland scene set up especially for the shoot and Steve will make you feel welcome, relaxed and excited about what's to come from the moment you meet him, such is his laid back but caring style. There will be a range of Fairy and Pixie costumes and head bands for your little ones to choose from (or of course if you have a favourite fairy princess or pixie look at home then you can of course bring that with you!). Once dressed and feeling magical, Steve will lead you to the front of the studio for the shoot. Very little Fairies and Pixies will just play with the toys set up in front of the special background and Steve will capture them at their most natural. The older ones will love to pose and so Steve will do about 17 poses with them to create individual shots you'll love and Steve's digital artist will then retouch the images and add a little magic and sparkle for your delight.  After everyone has had a thoroughly lovely time they get a special treat

You'll make an appointment around a week or so later to come back together to view the pics. And this is no ordinary viewing session- no flicking through an album, or clicking a slideshow of pictures on your computer screen. You'll all love seeing your Fiary Princesses and Pixie Princes come to life looking totally amazing in cinema style projected on a large format screen, from the big red leather sofa at the back of the studio and all set to enchanting music. It's just lovely. Your youngsters will see themselves looking like the Fairies and Pixies of their dreams, large on the screen and totally magical. You'll all be delighted, you'll all be surprised and emotions will run high as you see your children up there looking so cute and wonderful and how thrilled they are with themselves.