The new little blessing has arrived, you're getting used to your lives changing forever. The smells, baby noises that warm the heart and the outpouring of love and affection cannot be quantified. But it can be captured beautifully by our resident Baby Photographer.

Our Baby photographer has over 10 years experience as a child-minder and has various relevant qualifications including an NVQ level 2 in Childcare, Learning and Development, so you can be confident that your baby is in good hands!

Newborn baby photography is an experience, we dedicate up to 3 hours of our studio time creating the ideal conditions for those amazing images to be captured. Mums and Dads can expect a warm welcome in to a friendly, relaxed environment. 

With our new-born baby photo-shoots, we do our best to ensure that our studio is warm and comfortable and consider the safety of your baby as our main concern. 

  Some frequently asked questions:  

Are refreshments provided? 
Yes. We have a range of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Chocolates are provided too!!

Will I be able to feed my baby in private?
Yes. We have a private room where you can feed, change and settle your baby.

What if my baby won't sleep?
There is no pressure at all on mums to get their babies to sleep. We allow a minimum of two hours for each new-born     photo-shoot. It is preferable that babies are asleep for the shoot, and our photographer will work with you to help settle your baby. We haven't had any problems in settling babies to sleep yet!! If the baby decides that he/she is just not going to go to sleep, we can work with it and still produce some beautiful portraits.  

What shall I dress my baby in?
Accessories are provided for the photo-shoot, however, if you would like your baby photographed in something you  already have, your ideas are always welcome.

Some of the poses look unsafe, will our child be ok?
We use a very clever technique called 'The composite technique', Where a number of images  are combined to create the desired look. Every child is supported by hands and edited afterwards to eliminate any support given to them. click HERE for examples and an explanation.

I've been offered a 'FREE' baby scheme shoot elsewhere, do you offer a Baby's First Year Portrait Plan?
Yes we do, when you've come for your newborn shoot you will be able to join our scheme offering photo sessions at 4, 8 and 12 months

I'd Love to buy a canvas for my wall, will you have a selection of options to purchase?
Yes We offer a wide range of products for your wall and collections of digital files and prints too!
For a brief guide to our Image prices click here