Your business short film
- a must in this digital age


At a recent Facebook conference I attended they iterated that the number one thing to focus on in the next few years as a local business is Video.
With a photograph it is now just a swipe of a thumb on a smart phone but a video is where your customers linger for longer.
All the big players are fighting it out to get their sites to host your video content. 

SEO and Getting Found

Is your page lost in the google search engines? Your videos will be optimised for google and getting your website found ahead of your competitors.
For a small monthly fee your film will be hosted and helped to push your business forward!

Affordable service to help your business grow

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This was a lot of fun - people being silly in front of the camera for a local wedding photographer

Capturing all of the features of this lovely park in just a minute was a real challenge but with drone footage the client was delighted with the result

Documentary style short film for a local church.

Dancing filming for a local dance show was a creative but fun experience