A new addition to the family

Being without the studio has been a real breath of fresh air - quite literally. You can now book me to take you and your family out for a time where I can capture some precious memories for you!

On Saturday the sun was out and the buttercups were in bloom!
Phil and Andrea are a lovely couple who I took their wedding photos just a couple of years ago and it was a genuine pleasure to continue to help tell their story with their new addition to the family in the form of young Freddie!

Spring is in the air.... and bluebells are on the ground!

Oh the sun is out and it's great to get out in the open and explore the delights of my own town!
A quick shout out on the local FB group and lots of suggestions for locations were put forward for a bluebell inspired spring photo shoot!
Exploring was great fun and Hettie was a great sport and full of life!
If you'd like to book - hurry as the first 5 sessions will be at half the normal price at £50 (normally £100) and includes a digital file of your favourite image!

Call 01271 446196 to book

Improve your pictures of your kids in 3 easy steps

Step 1 - It's all about light

My Son - Placing your child in front of a window can create a great photograph!

My Son - Placing your child in front of a window can create a great photograph!

The Word Photography is derived from the word Photon which is the study of light.
Our eyes have an amazing ability to see light of every quantity and quality in nanoseconds. A camera is not that advanced (yet) .
A camera works by gathering light information through the lens and projecting it onto a digital sensor which have replace film as the best way of capturing that information. So ....
The more light that enters the camera the better the image quality will be and the less the camera has to work to grab that shot.

My eldest daughter - Placed in front of a bay window!

My eldest daughter - Placed in front of a bay window!

When choosing a camera one should not just look at the megapixels but at the quality of the lens!

This shot was achieved indoors without a flash just by positioning my daughter in front of the big bay window.  Can you notice the light levels between the subject and our front room? if you placed the subject further back the quality of the light has dropped dramatically!


So Step number 1 is - Find the best light and use it!

Step 2 - don't just take a shot - Compose first

If you look at any design whether it a cereal packet or newspaper you will find that the main headline or title is always 2/3rds of the way up the overall picture and sometimes it's 2/3rds across. My theory is to do with our natural vision and how the horizon is two thirds up in our own field of view. It's how we process the natural world.

Step 3 - Fill the frame and clear the clutter

Step 3 - Fill the frame

Step 3 - Fill the frame

When thinking about a  portrait of a person. Do we really want to see the details in the background? If we do they have to be relevant to the finished picture (see left)

The previous two contrasting shots show that if you include everything you want and get rid of everything you don't want you can create a beautiful portrait or tell a story about the subject through nice placement of the the surroundings in relation to the subject.

Have a DSLR? Want to learn more? Why not book me for a one to one session? Just lesson can set you on a path to understanding how a camera works and how to take better pictures!

Click on the link to the left here!

My Favourite Lens for portraiture (so far)

Over the years I have used a wide variety of lenses to do specific jobs. When I started and was working in zoo. I needed versatility and quality. With my Fuji S5 pro at the time I went for the Nikon  18-200 lens which was a fantastic all rounder. I could pull wide and get up close very quickly which suited the fast pace of a job which needed a quick change of perspective and focal length.

Move on nine years and there has been a sea change on how I shoot. I decide to switch to prime fixed length lenses for a number of reasons.  Firstly the leap in image quality was tangible - the sharpness I could achieve was something I could never compromise on. A bit like instant coffee you never want to go back  once you've tried proper filter and espresso coffee. In the same way I couldn't go back to zooms. Secondly It changed the way I decided to shoot. I would have to physically move to get the shot I wanted! This made me pay far more attention to my composition. 

When I switched to the X-series cameras by Fuji the lens collection needed to be built. I started with the Fujinon 35mm 1.4 which pretty much stayed on the camera all day at weddings. On a full frame camera it would be the equivalent of a 'nifty fifty' 50mm lens. 

Along came the chance to get the 56mm 1.2 (85mm equivalent on FF) and boy what a lens!
I won't be talking about the technical side of things but I am sure you can get that somewhere.
What this lens gives me is to get tack sharp images on location with a real sense of depth and clarity. It's out of focus areas (Bokeh) is beautifully rendered and helps the subject stand out from the background. 

Without the constrains of a wedding one can stand further back and still maintain the 3d nature of an image by shooting wide open.

Without the constrains of a wedding one can stand further back and still maintain the 3d nature of an image by shooting wide open.

Image quality

The quality of this lens still amazes me even shooting wide open at f/1.2 The subject is pin sharp and for portraiture it finds focus very easily. Get up close and keeping the focus on the eyes using the Fuji's digital zoom and focus peaking means even at f/1.2 I can get the eyes tack sharp. As you can see when you do head and should shots the background turns into a beautiful pulp!

I love this technique - I call it the Peeping Tom Shot

I love this technique - I call it the Peeping Tom Shot

Getting Creative

Using the lens creatively I can create a beautiful vignette and surround the subject with out of focus folliage that I'm hiding in. 

A Tactile Experience

Gone are the computer like cameras that Canon and Nikon produce. With an old style aperture ring, although it's a 'fly by wire' type lens it feels like a real camera experience.

And with such a light weight construction the entire set up weighs just 850g which is about 400g less than the Canon 5d equivalent with 85mm lens.

A beautiful combination of sharpness and out of focus blur makes it my go to lens for location portraits

A beautiful combination of sharpness and out of focus blur makes it my go to lens for location portraits


I love this lens and it provides a beautiful combination of sharpness and out of focus blur makes it my go to lens for location portraits. whack the aperture wide open and see your pictures sing!

The only thing that might sway me away is the 50-140mm zoom which would give me more versatility and use ability if I want to switch to video more.

What type of 'Wall Art' to choose for your home?

You see how even an A4 size picture can look so small on a normal size wall

You see how even an A4 size picture can look so small on a normal size wall

Many people ask me about products and what's best for their wall. The answer to that will be dependent on a few things

Images this small means you have to go up close to look at them

Images this small means you have to go up close to look at them

  1. How Big your room is
  2. What kind of Decor you have
  3. What kind of image is in the photo
  4. The type of person you are

So lets address them one by one

 more modern looking house? then maybe minimalism is the way forward?

 more modern looking house? then maybe minimalism is the way forward?

Half body shots could be put in a smaller frame or canvas as the subject fills the space

Half body shots could be put in a smaller frame or canvas as the subject fills the space

  1. The number one rule is - the smaller the image the closer you have to be to make the most of it. So many school photographers and shop labs sell 6x4s and 10x8s as their most popular size. Although for an album this size is idea but the problem for the wall is that the can look lost unless you put a series of images and the smaller they are the more you will have to add to make it look like a feature on your wall.
    Now on the other end of the spectrum we can assume that the larger the image the further away you may need to be to appreciate it as part of your furniture. Large pieces really work when you have a lot of space to fill. The size of the frame should be appropriate to the amount of wall behind it. If you see the image above you can see that an A4 frame would look lost on it's own on such a big wall.
  2. What kind of Decor? - Do you have an old rustic cottage or Victorian town house? then perhaps an ornate frame might be appropriate? or if you have a modern detached new build then either a plain wood frame or canvas might work.
  3. The content of the image - What's in the photo can determine the colour, type and size of frame. If you have a location photo shoot then the chances are there will be a lot of green in the image. If you walls are a colour that does not compliment the picture then a frame may be better. A frame that might compliment the wall space it's going to sit on. 
    The picture may be a large landscape with the subject being a smaller part of the picture. It would be no good putting it into a small A4 image as the person would look tiny.

What ever you decide I am here to guide you through the whole process. I don't want you to lose your images on your hard drive or be stuck in a drawer - the need to be seen in all their glory on the wall in the right product for you!

Where as a picture with the subjects placed in a wider vista would need a larger size to show off the children more

Where as a picture with the subjects placed in a wider vista would need a larger size to show off the children more

If you wish to book a location shoot for your child(ren) drop me a message from the CONTACT PAGE or CALL 01271 446196

The Children of Devon - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Hello all, 
I have some exciting news and need your help!

I have teamed up with Honey's Bravery Bags - a North Devon Charity helping to give goody bags to children and their siblings who are in hospital with long term or life threatening illnesses.
Set up just six months ago by the wonderful mum Grace Brown who's experience with her own child inspired her to come up with this fantastic idea!

How you can help

I am going to be creating  a beautiful art book full of creative photographs capturing life as a child in Devon. Starting in North Devon I am looking for Children to become part of a historical document for this years young generation!

The book will be sold across North Devon and every parent that applies and is selected will be asked to donate £50 to Honey's Bravery Bags

Please head to www.thechildrenofdevon.co.uk to read up on how to apply to be part of this book!

Choosing your Devon Wedding Photographer

How to trust your Devon photographer 

Getting married in Devon is the chance to have your wedding with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world as your backdrop for some stunning Devon wedding photos. You can choose from a number of beaches such as Woolacombe Bay, Croyde Bay, Westward Ho to name but a few. There’s also the magnificent Tunnels Beach weddings in Ilfracombe.

Anyone can pick up a camera, create a website and call themselves a photographer but there is a difference between the majority that can just ‘take’ photos and the select few that can actually 'Make’ a photo!

When searching on google don’t just look for Devon photographers on page one as they are mostly people that have spent a lot of time trying to get up the rankings rather than on their abilities to make beautiful images.

It’s really important to get to know the person who is going to spend the whole day with you. Imagine your special day ruined by a person who you don’t get on with. Great photographers will not only have excellent images but must be a people person, someone who cares about you as a person not just a means to earn a living.
It’s the difference between a natural photo and just a picture.
In my experience our clients will always respond better and their photos come alive when you are relaxed.

Technical questions to as a Devon Wedding Photographer

1. Have they a back up plan? - have they got spare cameras, memory cards etc.

2. Do they have reviews from previous weddings? - Trusting your photographer is so important so make sure they have a strong portfolio of images both in good and bad weather. Check out reviews of their work e.g. Steve Nuth Photography’s review page

3. Does their style match yours? - If you're looking for artistic Devon Wedding photography does their portfolio match your vision of how you see yourselves being photographed?

4. Do they have a studio where you can come and meet your Wedding photographer? Seeing photos and meeting your photographer beforehand is vital for establishing trust and seeing real printed art work. 

For more information about Devon Wedding Photography taken with care and style please visit www.stevenuthphotography.co.uk

Ilfracombe Harbour life with the Fuji x-e1 & Tamron Adaptall 135mm f/2.5

Being a bit of a bargain hunter I always want to try and see if I can achieve good results with what I have got or with a good deal I can get.
With very low cost adaptors now one can try out old lenses on new cameras and put them through their paces.
A 135mm on a cropped sensor camera such as the Fuji X-E1 gives a full frame equivalent lens length of 202.5mm so it's a lens for getting in close when you are a reasonable distance from your subject.

It's also good for compressing the background to a mushy pulp sometimes known as Bokeh.

In practice it's a tricky lens to use due to it's shallow depth of field I wanted to achieve a slight slip and the shot goes out of focus. Having said that, if you get it right it can produce some pretty sharp results.

Below are some examples below, mostly of people consuming lots of saturated fat and sugar based food down in Ilfracombe Harbour!

Our best friend - in the best surroundings! - Braunton Burrows dog photo shoot!

After closing the Studio last month there was an element of the unknown. Being a resourceful person I have set up 3 successful businesses in the last 10 years including owning my own T-Rex head !!!! But to not have a premises to drive to for the first time in eight years made me a little trepidatious. 

But you know what? it seems like the best thing I could have done. I am loving the outdoors. The scenery is so beautiful in North Devon that I get to use one of the best studio backgrounds in the world!!!! 

Yesterday saw the meeting with this beautiful Spaniel and she was so full of beans and energy it was sometimes hard to get those shots but when she did slow down for a cuddle she was very obedient!

I have opened up time in my diary for just 5 of these shoots a month and spaces fill up fast so if you would like to chat about having your Dog captured on camera do get in touch on 01271 328333


The Ilfracombe Wedding of the Month! - Lisa & Richard

A year or so ago this lovely couple came into our lives and have brought my wife and I a real joy to get to know this beautiful family. Integrity, honesty and love flow through these special people and it has been a real joy to be part of their lives.
So when asked to take their photos of their special day it was a no brainer! 
Congratulations Richard & Lisa Brennan!

I Love you really......

I don't know about you, but I am one of life's 'spontaneous singers'. I like to randomly burst into song at any given moment and sing with such passion and gusto that I l like I could give Pavarotti or Mariah Carey a run for their money. In the car. In the shower. Doing the dishes. I firmly believe that I have been blessed with the voice of an angel and it is my job to share this gift with everyone around me. This also means that my 9 year old daughter is often an unwilling recipient of these sporadic operatic performances, much to her dismay. And she certainly doesn't mince her words when it comes to critiquing my (lack of) singing ability.

I'll share with you a prime example of said critique which happened earlier this week. I was belting out my favourite Spice Girls tune (they are the epitome of what an awesome girl band should be) and, to my mind, I sounded pretty darn good. (I often daydream about being the 6th Spice Girl 'Curly Spice', but that's another story!). My daughter walks into the room and, for want of a better description, has a face like a 'bulldog chewing a wasp'. Her frown is so deeply set into her forehead that I'm convinced I can see the words 'OMG' written within the frown lines. She is oozing embarrassment, horror and disgust all in one look (it's actually quite a skill to convey such deeply negative emotions with one facial expression). Despite her obvious disdain at my beautiful singing, I refuse to stop. It's my house and my voice is amazing. If she doesn't like it, she can leave the room. But next comes the tutting. Big, loud, juicy tuts, unnecessarily noisy and far too high in quantity (who ever really needs to tut more than once at a time?). I subconsciously find myself singing with slightly less enthusiasm than moments before. When the tutting fails to shut me up completely, my beautiful daughter rolls her eyes and opens her mouth... uh-oh.... 'PLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEE will you just SHUT UP MUM?! You can't even sing! It's painful to listen to and you're not even doing it properly. And I should know...' I should probably mention here that my daughter has professional singing lessons every week and recently achieved a distinction in her musical theatre exam. Of course I am a very proud Mummy indeed, but from the moment she passed her exam it's been like having our very own little Beyonce in the house! A gorgeous little diva who knows how to sing 'properly'.... unlike her frumpy housewife of a mummy. So I give in and shut up. To be perfectly honest, I didn't have the emotional energy or inclination for an argument with my 9 year old at teatime on a Monday. 

Okay so I am slightly digressing here. The point is, my daughter is constantly getting embarrassed by the things that I say & do. She often speaks to me like something she accidentally brought in on the bottom of her shoe and, on the odd occasion, she has been pretty convincing in her dislike of me as a person. But the truth is; I love her. I love her with all of my heart and soul and I know she loves me. When she has a strop or frowns or tuts or critiques it doesn't penetrate my heart because, for her, it's simply an emotional vent. She can scream, cry, tell me she hates me and stomp her foot on every single stair, but I am going nowhere. I'm her mummy and she is my world. She says and does these things because she knows she can. Because for every moment of her making me feel bad, there are a million moments when she makes me feel so good. As her mum, I look at her with such an unconditional love in my heart and I find it so refreshing. This relationship between a mother and her daughter is like no other. So naturally, it got me to thinking about my relationship with my own mum. 

I could hear myself breathing a tad heavier as I began to write this paragraph. Inhale. Exhale. Where do I start? Okay. I think I'll start with an admission of guilt. I am guilty of always seeing the worst in my mum and letting her get under my skin. I am guilty of throwing her mistakes back in her face and blaming her for so many of the insecurities and 'quirks' I have developed over the years. I am guilty of never having enough time for her and for comparing her to the more 'wholesome' mumsy mums of this world. I am guilty of, at times, hating her and pushing her away. I am guilty of punishing her for the mistakes she made and I am guilty of judging her for the bad choices she made in life which consequently affected me.  

And now she is gone.

With every fibre of my being I wish I could tell her that none of it matters. The heartache. The desperation. The pain of a broken childhood. We are all humans and we all mess up sometimes. I wish so desperately that I could tell her how sorry I am for not taking the time to show her how important she was to me. That if I was allowed just one more day with her, I wouldn't change a thing about her. I don't care about the things that went wrong because I know she loved me possibly more than anyone ever has. I would tell her that she has left a void in my heart which is irreplaceable and I sometimes ache to give her a cuddle. 

I watched my beautiful little mummy suffer in a way that nobody ever should. She fought her cancer with a courage and a tenacity that I have never seen before and doubt whether I will see again. I was able to cuddle her and tell her I loved her before she slipped away, but it still doesn't feel quite real. I never did get to take her out for lunch like I promised. 'We'll get round to it Mum, I'm just so busy...'

So ladies, why not show your mum today just how beautiful she is? We really do only get one Mum so I beg you to make the most of her, she's doing the best she can.

God bless you all. 

Lisa @ Lighthouse x 

The Shiny Fridge - By Lisa

I can clearly remember when Rich and I bought our first brand new fridge together. It was a big event and we were both filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation when the delivery lorry pulled up on our street. What added to our excitement was the knowledge that all of our curtain-twitchers.. sorry, neighbours.. would be looking out of their windows to see our new, shiny, silver fridge-freezer being delivered. We beamed with pride as it stood so proudly in our kitchen. I took precious care and attention of the beautiful silver doors, ensuring that not one smudgy finger mark was visible. This meant spending an unhealthy amount of time polishing it, but the new fridge, in all its glory, was definitely worth it. 

That was 12 years ago. ......

I stood in front of my fridge today and felt more than a little sorry for it. The combination of 5 house moves and 4 children have taken their toll on our old silver friend. Every dent tells a story. And where the doors once shone in all their glory, they are now hidden under layers of party invitations, supermarket flyers, school newsletters and the odd bill (okay, there are quite a few bills). I suddenly realise that I can't even remember the make or model of the fridge as the logo is hidden under my collection of insulting magnets. You know the ones I mean. People buy them as 'gifts' thinking that they are being hilariously quirky, when in actual fact all they do is remind me that, like my fridge, I am no longer new and shiny. I'll give you some examples of said magnets:

1. 'My house was clean last week, sorry you missed it' (admittedly, this isn't too bad although as someone who once took such pride in her minimalistic style of housekeeping, this was a tough one to display!)
2. 'Fridge pickers wear big knickers' (Nuff' said) 
3. 'I no longer skinny dip, I chunky dunk' (Okay, so I did giggle at this one but I think I was just using my humour as a defence mechanism)

I found myself miserably pondering.... where along the line had I managed to gain an extra 4 stone? When did I stop bothering to straighten my hair or paint my nails? How and when did I lose the ability to realise how shiny and beautiful I am? Like the fridge, I realise I feel hidden under all of the stressful demands of my life. 4 children, 2 cats, a dog and an incredibly gorgeous-yet-high-maintenance hubby-to-be have meant that I come last. My idea of a successful day is being able to have a bath without my son coming in for a poop. I'm tired and I feel deflated. I find myself glancing at old photographs of me as a young, vibrant (not to mention much slimmer) woman in my early 20's and I wonder what happened. Where did I go? When did I lose my sense of identity and my self-esteem?  When I look in the mirror I feel disappointed with the reflection staring back at me. Surrounded by constant images of 'perfection; in the media, I am often left feeling more than a little disheartened by the way I look.

Sometimes I want to throw my fridge away and forget it ever existed. To replace it by a brand new, bigger, shinier fridge. But I have come to realise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fridge that I have. It still works perfectly well. It has been incredibly loyal to me and my ever increasing family over the years. All it needs is a bit of TLC. I simply need to remove the layers of unnecessary scraps of paper, bin those derogatory magnets and give it a good polish. Okay, so its not quite as shiny and new as the day we bought it 12 years ago, but its still just as glorious. (And it still keeps the milk cold). 

And when I think back to that younger, slimmer 20-something year old girl from the photos I realise that my memory of her has been very selective. I may have taken more pride in my appearance back then and may even have been able to squeeze into a pair of tight jeans,  but was I really, truly happy? And the answer is a very clear, very resounding no. Back then I did not have the love of a gorgeous, 6 foot 4 ginger giant who adores me for the person I am and not what I look like. I did not know the sheer joy and unconditional love I would feel being a mother to my 4 amazing children. I did not know the satisfaction, appreciation and happiness I would feel at the simple things in life. A clean toilet. An empty washing basket. The loo seat being put down after use. A scribble on a piece of paper drawn by my 2 year old that is quite clearly a picture of a snowman playing tennis (obviously). 

So I've decided that I am going to sift through the layers of stress, worry and self-loathing that I have built up over the years and discover that underneath it all, I am still a beautiful, shiny fridge. I am going to remember what it feels like to be pampered. To have my make-up done by a professional who can capture the beauty of a face that has been defined for so long by how pale, tired and pimply it looks. I deserve this. I deserve to be treated like a princess. And if any of what I have written here today resonates with any of you beautiful woman out there, you deserve it too. You deserve to discover your shiny fridge within! 

With love, Lisa @ Lighthouse 


To find out more about how we can help you find yourself again please fill out the form below

The European Wedding trip! - Day TWO

Day two sees us facing a wet grey day in Koln. But we are loving the German culture!
The Backereis (Bakeries) look amazing with some of the biggest Pretzels I've ever seen!

Cologne Cathedral was a sight to behold and was one of the tallest I've seen. Just how they build such a thing all those years ago is beyond me! 

One of the highlights today was being able to order a Schwarzwalderkirschetorte!!!!!

Getting the kids some treats  - none for me? yeah right!

The chocolate making process!

The European Wedding trip! - Day ONE!

So excited to be travelling across Europe with my Buddy Graham B for Sevda and Samuel's Wedding in Detmold.
The first leg is a short trip to Cologne or Koln in German.

Ilfracombe to London London to Brussels Brussels to Cologne Cologne to Detmold

Ilfracombe to London
London to Brussels
Brussels to Cologne
Cologne to Detmold

I've got my hand book!

I've got my hand book!

Hillingdon Tube Station

Hillingdon Tube Station

Continental Bier und Cafe!

Continental Bier und Cafe!

Graham at Brussels Station!

Graham at Brussels Station!

Our train from Brussels to Cologne

Our train from Brussels to Cologne

Love the grandeur of city train stations!

Love the grandeur of city train stations!



Started off at 8am leaving Ilfracombe for London where I dropped the car off at Mum & Dad's.
Lovely seeing them all be it very briefly.
My first time on a Eurostar and I was very impressed!!! it was very surreal appearing in a different country without having to fly or cross water. In fact not a drop of water was seen. It didn't feel real appearing in France and it wasn't until I saw a van driving on the wrong side of the road I believed it!!!

Within two hours we were in Brussels changing for Cologne and accidentally sat in the first class section. Upon confessing they kindly let us stay!

For the first time since I learned German 20 years ago I have arrived in the country I have always wanted to visit to try out my rusty language skills. I ordered a Curry Wurst and felt a chapter of my life was finally completed after conversing in German - all be it a few sentences!!!

More pics tomorrow of what looks like a beautiful City!


In the party mood? Why not be a party planner?

In the party mood? Why not be a party planner?

We're looking for ladies planning a night out to come for our NEW Portrait Pamper Parties!

The ideal Party experience designed for parties for between 4 to 6 people*
*ring 01271 328333 to request a different number


  • Come and enjoy a few bottles of bubbly and a choice of nibbles.
  • Your hair & make up styled beautifully ready for your shoot
  • an individual session and photos of all of you together
  • A Cinema style viewing experience where you can opt to purchase further images at a discounted rate.
  • Complimentary 9x6 digital image for social media
  • A group photo for each of you to take home

To purchase your session click the add to cart function and then call 01271 328333 to book your time!

from 50.00
Number of ladies:
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My Story

“There are people that take pictures and there are people that MAKE pictures.”

So what makes a great portrait? firstly it starts with the person behind the camera. To be able to establish a natural photo one must have a relaxed nature with a heart to bring the best out of your client. If you are nervous, tense or unsure of yourself then the person in front of you will not be put at ease, they will pick up on your tension. You have to be in control of your emotions and be able to care about the heart and emotions going on with your client.

During my twenties I went through a major mental health illness but although horrid at the time. I see it now as a honing process, coming out of such darkness allowed me to see the world and people in a whole new way and my heart ever since is to help bring a little light to the people I meet.

A recent client wrote

  • “I really enjoyed that day,made my birthday the best for many years.I felt alive and actually worth something…I quite like myself now .and that’s been difficult to say for a long time xx”

It brought a tear to my eye

My heart is that when you come for a makeover shoot you are not just photographed but somehow changed for the better. That you might come away feeling like you really are photogenic after all!

The magical fairy land is at the top of the faraway tree and has stopped at our studio for two weeks in September!!!!


- Imagine a beautiful fairy background
- All the outfits supplied for any age up to 7 yrs
- A Fairy goody bag for every child
- AND a lovely desk block worth £65 with every booking

It's a truly magical experience!!!

We have 17 spaces to fill at HALF price of £27 and they're selling out fast!

Use the 'Add to Cart' button to purchase your voucher
For product prices click HERE

Magical Fairy & Pixie Experience

If your little ones and youngsters adore the magic of Fairies and Pixies and you'd like to make their wishes come true and turn them into a Fairy Princess or Pixie Prince for the day and then capture that moment forever then this one's for you.
To purchase your session click the buy button and then call 01271 328333 to book your time!

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If you'd prefer to call give us a ring on 01271 328333 but hurry as once they're gone they're gone!!!!