My Story

"Living life under a black cloud, feeling alone and worthless is no way to live.
This is coming from someone who has travelled the world, been a thrill seeker, was always the last to leave a party and the one who was always smiling and making people laugh. Then one day....boom it felt my life was over - even though I have a wonderful family, beautiful home and the privilege of living and breathing. So please realise that this is one of the hardest things I've had to openly admit to and explain to others.

Depression and anxiety affects so many of us nowadays, and still there is such a big stigma and shame to talk about it. I put on weight through reasons associated with my depression and allowing past bad relationships to affect how I felt about myself. I don't like going to social events because I feel like the elephant in the room - literally! I feel that everyone judges me and pity's me for being overweight and unattractive, I just don't feel good enough or worthy. If I can't love myself - how can I expect anyone else to?

Well, I'm not going to be ashamed anymore - life happens!
I have decided I AM taking back my life and taking control again. I am no longer going to put myself down and hide away at home in my safe place. 

How I started this, I went for a makeover experience and photo shoot with Lighthouse photography studios
I must add I am seeing my doctor regularly and under going hypnotherapy with an amazing lady who is really helping in my recovery. 
Leaving my comfort zone was a big step, but once I was there I was made to feel so at home and very at ease. Shane, Connie and Tanya are such lovely people. I've never done anything like this before, so I wasn't such a great model lol however Tanya my photographer was very patient and made me feel like a natural and helped me get into poses that were flattering yet natural.

Connie did my hair and make up and made me feel a million dollars - something I haven't felt in a long time. Shane, well what can I say....a guy who is funny and empathetic and made me feel really comfortable being around new people again.

A wonderful experience which has really helped me on my road to recovery and I would highly recommend to anyone else who feels the same way as me.

Life is far to short to spend it hating yourself. Let lighthouse photography be the first step to help you learn to love yourself again. Best wishes and remember you're not alone".

 Lou x

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