My Story

“There are people that take pictures and there are people that MAKE pictures.”

So what makes a great portrait? firstly it starts with the person behind the camera. To be able to establish a natural photo one must have a relaxed nature with a heart to bring the best out of your client. If you are nervous, tense or unsure of yourself then the person in front of you will not be put at ease, they will pick up on your tension. You have to be in control of your emotions and be able to care about the heart and emotions going on with your client.

During my twenties I went through a major mental health illness but although horrid at the time. I see it now as a honing process, coming out of such darkness allowed me to see the world and people in a whole new way and my heart ever since is to help bring a little light to the people I meet.

A recent client wrote

  • “I really enjoyed that day,made my birthday the best for many years.I felt alive and actually worth something…I quite like myself now .and that’s been difficult to say for a long time xx”

It brought a tear to my eye

My heart is that when you come for a makeover shoot you are not just photographed but somehow changed for the better. That you might come away feeling like you really are photogenic after all!