Ilfracombe Harbour life with the Fuji x-e1 & Tamron Adaptall 135mm f/2.5

Being a bit of a bargain hunter I always want to try and see if I can achieve good results with what I have got or with a good deal I can get.
With very low cost adaptors now one can try out old lenses on new cameras and put them through their paces.
A 135mm on a cropped sensor camera such as the Fuji X-E1 gives a full frame equivalent lens length of 202.5mm so it's a lens for getting in close when you are a reasonable distance from your subject.

It's also good for compressing the background to a mushy pulp sometimes known as Bokeh.

In practice it's a tricky lens to use due to it's shallow depth of field I wanted to achieve a slight slip and the shot goes out of focus. Having said that, if you get it right it can produce some pretty sharp results.

Below are some examples below, mostly of people consuming lots of saturated fat and sugar based food down in Ilfracombe Harbour!